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Illustrators. You know them. You love them. You’d like to hire them, but, you know…

I Drew This Thing is an attempt to delve into the illustration game and those brave souls who practice the craft. Like actors, writers, and sad clown paintings, illustrators lay bare our souls for all to see, and what do we have to show for it? Besides superior hand skills and a second job? Creativity, passion, and a misplaced sense of insecurity and self-doubt. Say it loud. Say it proud. I’m an illustrator dammit! And I also teach.

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Katharina Grosse: One Floor Up More, MASS MoCA 


Katharina Grosse: One Floor Up More, MASS MoCA 

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Danish artist Eske Rex created this impressive installation. It’s big & powerful and sophisticated at the same time. The big pendulums make the pen dance over the paper, creating a mesmerizing image.

About the installation: Two pendulums relative movement and rhythm plotted on a large sheet of paper. Pendulum are set in motion by hand and then decreases slowly and eventually stop altogether. Drawing Machine is built as a moving sculpture, and a tool with which a number of studies of time , force and motion can be made.

Watch it work here

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you’re right…

you’re right…

What is hardest to accept about the passage of time is that people who once mattered the most to us are wrapped up in parenthese.

// passage of time//

More than a stunning visual composition, Aspen Lifecycle by Owen Mortensen honors the passage of time, the transience of life and the beauty that exists in every natural phase. The leaves featured in this work were gathered from the same grove of trees over the course of twelve months and sorted by color into a dramatic arrangement.

We can only perceive a state of “now” because we only have memories of the days that have gone by. Without those memories, we wouldn’t have no concept of a past or a future